It is an equivalent result that happens throughout the episode Like Soups into the Pucca:Like Dish

Also, for folks who listen closely to whenever Master Soo is speaking-to the latest fake Garu in relationship between him and Ring Ring, the actual Garu sounds his displeasure on the notion of marrying Band Band, “in lieu of Pucca, who you dislike more”, ahead of everyone gasps in the indeed there getting a few Garus.

Garu apparently try desired and you may approved to go on trips which have Pucca and her uncles inside the Tomb It might Question.

During the Tame You to Toon, Pucca and you may Master Soo is the only one or two which contemplate Garu when Band Band removes him on cartoon’s earlier. If she hadn’t receive a method to render your straight back, Garu would not occur in today’s cartoon’s time frame.

At the end of The guy Wants Myself Perhaps not, once providing Pucca defeat Ring Band up coming noticing you to definitely Pucca was distressed, he bashfully provides Pucca a beneficial bouquet from herbs, and work out her pleased once again

In full Moonlight Pucca, when you are under the influence of the full moonlight, Garu gets infatuated with Pucca. Pucca realizes but not, one to she enjoys Garu the way in which he or she is as Niche dating review opposed to significantly less than an enchantment.

From inside the Dragon Pro, Pucca is “captured” by the Destiny and you can Garu visited save yourself the girl. But not, he learned it was a secret making your save the woman in which he are annoyed by this. She merely wished a romantic world and you will day. He might have actually been worried about this lady and you will might be significantly more resentful that he squandered their concerns more a phony condition.

Pucca: Like Dish (Year 3)

The new episode you to definitely does browse precious is actually Wade! Cover-up Woman, where Pucca and you can Garu where seen enjoying a tv series together with her which they one another enjoy. Later on in the occurrence you’ll be able to locate them carry out an excellent champion blog post together as if they certainly were that have a beneficial pair moment and prevent.

On Sooga Isle Alien, when Garu becomes their gown filthy, Pucca washes they by herself. Shortly after she unknowingly foils Broker Smith’s plans, she gowns Garu inside the today enjoying, clean attire, and then he looks appreciative of your own gesture.

Crazy Page, whenever Pucca delivers Garu a letter asking your to meet up the girl during the gazebo if he felt in the same way in the the girl, it is critical to observe that he do walk back and forth, thinking about it. When he eventually lies on the an excellent turtle one to moves for the gazebo, he does not get away from they up until Band Band interrupts him or her and Ching. Fundamentally, Garu consist that have Pucca peacefully in the gazebo therefore you certainly will getting implied which he really does feel the same way for her.

When Pucca seems to lose the woman memories when you look at the Amnesia, Garu, and Abyo and you can Ching, strive for this lady recollections straight back. He goes on a scooter date together, so you’re able to no get, in which he along with takes brand new Noodles away from Love which have Pucca, in an attempt to jog this lady memory. He looks like unknowingly kissing their when Band Ring tries to utilize the notice hammer into Pucca once more, draw the lady off harms means.

For the To the Pucca’s Fantasy, Garu can be involved enough to enter into the woman dream that have Abyo and you may Ching to save this lady of sleeping permanently, despite recognizing the fresh new dream involved their and you may Pucca’s marriage.

Throughout the Cardiovascular system Gourd, Garu is assigned because of the Master Soo to help him assemble the alter egos off Pucca, in which he really does thus in place of concern, exhibiting he does care sufficient to assist their. In the event the Impact edge of Pucca becomes afraid of a crawl, they are quick to get rid of it while offering this lady his give. In the event the Aggressive edge of Pucca drops, he captures her.

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